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Monday, November 22, 2010

What are Real Friends...........

The friends are like precious
Gems Found by the lucky few.

Friend is one who kiss u wen u really need of it
But sometime we realise him its wrong

A Good friend shares, cares and dares to do things for u
He may be with u or not he always care for u.

A Good friend kissing on ur forehead and
Accept ur tears with a sweet hug wen u feel alone.

A friend always give u the right advice
And find out the mistakes by u to improve.

Friend is one who Enrich life with Wonderful Moments
And u really miss that also after u leave that friend.

Good friend make your world a warm place to live in
You always feel ur friend is always with u to appreciate.

A best friend is one be with u always feel u secure
And u go anywhere without any fear in ur heart.

A Lover can't trust on u at all bcz he want something from u
But a friend always trust on u bcz he just want to give u somthing.

Some Friends are amazingly wonderful for their warm hearted nature
But sometimes we lost them cause of misunderstanding kept in our mind.

Your good friend is not lonely without u
But he always feel incomplete without u.

Real Friend always learn to understand ur happiness and troubles
May be u far from him but sometime u can't understand love by him.

Friend is not force u 2 hug(Jaadu Ki Jhappi) always
He just give u sweet & touchy hug and say don't worry
I will do everything fine my Dear.

If somebody hold ur hands for better friendship
And make a promise 2 hold always
Please appreciate him to fulfill promise and find best moments
And if u cant hold his hand in reply then u found wat u lost.........
Best friends are rare in this world So
Please Hold the hand of friend who think
U r the best for his friendship and keep safe
Him in your heart Always......................

  Go And Find a Real Friend Who Don't Want Anything From u And Make Ur Life Wonderful

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