{ May God Bles You All}

Saturday, November 20, 2010

God Is The Last Resort..........

How we can say God is the last resort?
We can say Bcz everything belongs to God.

My Sweet and Rozy life starts from God,
Life passing gradually with blessing of God.

I was saw God in reality, When I was opened
eyes on the Lap of my mother and She is God for me.

God gives us directions for better life,
without help of God we can't do anything.

God is everywhere in this universe and
give us love and blessings.

Nothing is possible without blessings of God,
and nothing is impossible after blessings of God.

I know God loves me very much
and i also loves him very much.

The fact is we all comes from God's house
and we would go back to God's house.

Thats Why I Can Say GOD is The Last Resort                                                          

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